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Welcome to Kat's EmpiRe! June's show winner will be posted shortly! Summer Fun Catz and Dogz Shows Closed! Enter the Poses Only shows for Catz & Dogz #2 See the Petz Shows page!

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Hi!  Welcome to Kat's EmpiRe! I am Sierra's Beautiful Blues EmpiRe (light colored) or Empre for short...  Welcome to my Mommy's site!  I am the Official Mascot of Kat's EmpiRe, the Catz Place on the Web!  Thanks for stopping by!   Please come back soon!

   I have two entries for Empre... Go to the Lookin' 4 Love Page.  No one has fallen in love yet!  I will let you know when it happens!

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Hi, I'm Piney, April and Tempe's newest kitten.  I'm an Onyx Cat like my grandfather!  see other Selective Breeding Projects... maybe you can help!

Kat's EmpiRe can now be reached at http://jump.to/KE

Anti Abuse Page and Butterflies Against Abuse Banners!  New! 6 Flower Banners, 4 Black Cat Banners, and 3 Hearts!   Go get them!

    I have added many new pages, trying my best to keep them unique and giving you a chance to participate.  There's still more to come!  Make sure to visit all the new pages including games, like Find It and Guess the Breed, Breeding Service, Updates and News, Photo Studio, Family Trees, Selective Breeding, Petz Articles and Stories, My Petz Pictures, Gallery, Petz Certificates, Pet Names, Petz & Pets Memorials, Classifieds, Modeling Agency, Hex Painted Litters, Guess Who, and more!  I am also updating the current pages!  Make sure you come back soon to see all the new pages and take part in Kat's EmpiRe!

Email form added to many pages!

I'm the Cool Bug! (We are bugs) I'm a blinky bug!

I am Blinky...

Get your own Blinky Petz Pics made by me!

Petz Shop!  Lots of stuff to get for your petz!  Soccer Ball, Antenna, Art Deco Clock, Uncle Sam Outfit, Roach Motel, and Healthy Treats available!  Now some things can be downloaded directly from the page!

Adult Breed Archives.  I will adopt and raise a male and female of each breed and color (of Catz, because I don't have Dogz) and put them in the archive when they are adults so whenever some needs an adult pet, they can come get one!  Now open! 23 Adult Catz now available!  Go here for Male Calicos! 

These are Emprie catz made for me by Earcat!   Go to the Hexed Breeds page to get them!

Thanks to Earcat who Made the Empire Catz!Hum....

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Hi, it's April's Showers and Twigs, we are also mascots!  And this is our daughter, Showers!  

Hi, it's April's Showers and Twigs... and our kitten, Showers.  We also have a new kitten named Twiglette!

If you are visitor number 500 to this site (home page) just copy the hit counter (at the bottom of the Pages Summary or at the bottom of the page) and send it to dogbizkit2@aol.com, and you will get a banner!

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Catz and Dogz Shows for Summer Fun now Closed!

June's Cute Kitties Show winners posted.

Catz Show Poses #1C closed!

Dog Show Poses #1D closed!

New Show for Poses only opened July 16!

New special shows for Best Animated Pic, Catz and Dogz, opened July 17th.

Find the Key...

Totally new Show Format!  Please read new rules on the Petz Shows Page!

May's Catz Show results posted!  See if you won!

June's Catz Show winners are posted!  See if you won!

Summer Fun for Catz - CLOSED

Summer Fun for Dogz - CLOSED

Catz Show Poses #1C - CLOSED

Dogz Show Poses #1D - CLOSED

Catz Show Poses #2C - 7 Entries Left!

Dogz Show Poses #2D - 7 Entries Left!

Catz Special Show #1 Best Animated Pic - 8 Entries Left!

Dogz Special Show #1 Best Animated Pic - 8 Entries Left!

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Beautiful North Star!

This is my new kiten North Star, adopted July 14, 1999

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    Add you knowledge or creativity to the Articles & Stories Page.   One story and one article now up.

    A Page for My Show Catz.

    Get some suggestions for Pet names here.

    Find out about the maker of this site... About Me

    Adult Breed Archive now open!  Go here for the Male Calicos!

    KE Modeling Agency now open!

    Petz Shop now open!  Get Dogz toys for Catz!  Updated 7/12!

    Help Peril find his jingle ball!

    Put a Classified Ad on my Classified Ads Page.

    Pets and Petz Memorial Pages now open.

    Gallery now open for pictures!

    Selective Breeding Page now open!  Come see my special Siam's.  Maybe you can help!  

    Custom Made Petz Certificates!  Marriage certificates, family certificates, best pet certificates, and more!  Go see the Family Trees Page!

    Photo Studio now open to take your pictures!

    See my real cats and rabbits.  Go to My Pets Page.

    Twigs and My Own Summer are having identity crisis's!  Help them find out what breed they are!

    Vote for June's Cute Kitty Show!  Enter Catz and Dogz Summer fun Shows!   Go see who won May's Catz Show.

    See My Catz! 

    See my Catz Newborn Kittens and new Families! 

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    Adoption Center is now open!  6 catz waiting to be adopted!  Send in your petz for adoption!  Dogz Welcome!  

    Hexed Breeds now open and updated, four new breeds added.  See the demo Bubble Cat and demo Black-N-Tan Siam!

    Breeding Service now open!

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