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I'm a Kangaroo

Adult Breed Archive

bluelikepaws.bmp (40614 bytes)

Need a Catz and don't feel like waiting for him or her to grow up?  Just use this form to ask for which Catz you want and I will send them to you. 

Your Name:

Your Email Address (spelled correctly, must be able to receive attachments):

Catz File wanted:

Do you need the Breed File?  Yes  No

All Catz now in the Archive were raised by me.  None will be sent to you pregnant or with a child.   Right now, only Catz are in the archive because I don't have Dogz.

If you see "(breed files needed)" after the breed, and you do not have them, please go request them from me.

  You can send in a pet file of an adult cat or dog and I will add it to the archive.

bluelikepaws.bmp (40614 bytes)

Four male Calico kittens available for adoption!  Two with black heads, one with an orange head, and one with a white head.  No copies, so hurry and adopt!  Email me to adopt.

bluelikepaws.bmp (40614 bytes)

bmpBLACK.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Black Panther (breed files needed)


PANTHER.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Black Panther (breed files needed)


PYRE.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Fire Leopard (breed files needed)


FIRENI~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Fire Leopard (breed files needed)


SPOTTED.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Bengal (breed files needed)


SCRATC~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Astro Catz (breed files needed)


STRECHIE.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Astro Catz (breed files needed)


bmpBOMBER.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Bombay (breed files needed)


QUIETD~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Bombay (breed files needed)


bmpAROURA.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Lioness (breed files needed)


ROURY.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Lion (breed files needed)


GLITTER.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Mooncat (breed files needed)


SHIMMER.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Mooncat (breed files needed)


COWTAL~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Absynian (breed files needed)


MALI.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Somali (breed files needed)


COWTAI~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Absynian (breed files needed)


GREENE~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Female B+W Shorthair


BUTTER~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Maine Coon


MAINE.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Maine Coon


JUSTIN~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Tabby


TIGERT~1.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Tabby


KIARA.bmp (9718 bytes) Female Siamese


KOVU.bmp (9718 bytes) Male Siamese


bluelikepaws.bmp (40614 bytes)


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